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Status of NABARD Sponsored SDP Project

NABARD Sanctioned an S.D.P. Project of Vegetable Cultivation through micro-irrigation and formation of an FPO under Company Act vide letter No. _______ dated ______. The cost of the Project has been rupees ten lac and duration 2 years. The main component of the S.D.P. Project have been -

  1. Awareness and Training,
  2. Exposure,
  3. Formation of FPO, its registration and office set-up,
  4. Asset creation for irrigation and other Agricultural objectives and
  5. Management

By the end of the financial year 2017-18, all training and awarness and asset creation have been covered and completed properly. The registration of FPO has been under process and setting up of FPO-office too has not been completed. Exposure remains to be covered. Vegetables and agricultureal production in the specified area are just-being initiated from may 2017.
Some photographs related to activities are being exhibited.

The Project is Abrakha Watershed area covering thr villages- Abrakha, Gordhasa, Tarpatia, Machbaria, Surangi, Baniyakura, Paperba and Vishwakarma Nagar. Twenty JLGs, each of 5 members have been formed. Only local farmers have been the Directors and CEO of the FPO. Good Social and Economic change is excepted from rhis project. Farmers have decided strictly to adopt Organic Farming while doing Veetable cultivation

Begining of NABARD Sponsored 3 FPOs

NABARD has sanctioned, vide letter No. ______ dated _______ 3 FPOs in Abrakha, Harhar and Kharkana Watershed villages. The project will cover 300 farmers under 60 JLGs in the begning and 1500 farmers have been targetted.

These FPOs will be registered organizations to produce, process and sell their products independentaly in order that exploitation of farmers be avoided.

Consultation, Meeting, Concept clearing and motivational approaches are going on. Soon fruitful development will be uploaded.

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